Singer, Songwriter, Musician.
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It's been said that music is the universal language. It doesn't really matter where people are from. They immediately respond to music that warms their soul, comforts them during a devastating time, or simply gets them in the mood to dance. In fact, for many of us, songs serve as musical bookmarks to our memories. It only takes a certain song to transport us back to a particular time and place.

Then again, music isn't just a soundtrack for the past. It's also the perfect complement to the moments we enjoy in the present. Music, after all, is also a big part of life's celebrations - be it grand milestones such as weddings or simply a great moment out of an ordinary day.

Singer-composer Yaliesky Noa - or simply Yaliesky - is a Cuban-American artist who creates music that speaks to free-spirited individuals who see the silver lining in everything.

Yaliesky's music conveys the effervescent vibe of timeless youth. As such, Yaliesky's songs are especially appealing to people who see an opportunity to celebrate life despite the inevitable disappointment and sadness that happen from time to time.

"Pain in Love" and "Killing Me" are two of Yaliesky's songs that showcase his ability to take on an emotionally devastating experience and turn it into cathartic music. His intense lyrics are tempered by the bouncy beats that he favors. As such, he serves up pop music that still manages to make people feel good despite highlighting the painful experience of heartbreak.

It's easy enough to wallow in despair though music but that's certainly not what Yaliesky is about. So many songwriters have already used emotional desperation as a theme in their works. In case you missed it, there's an abundance of gut-wrenching sad love songs with angry lyrics. However, it takes great skill to present something sad with an upbeat perspective. That's essentially what Yaliesky does with his music.